You're Not Alone,I'm Here To Help

Hello there,I'm just a normal girl trying to find her place in this world, I'm also a simple girl with big dreams, I'm wearing my heart on my sleeve. If you're going through something tough or you have depression, anxiety. Eating disorders or other issues. Feel free to message me or ask me questions. I'm here for you you're not alone. I won't judge you, It gets better and YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL. You can message me on kik too courageous_marian. Take care and good luck! Big love. Take note beautiful you can release your anger on me too I'll still listen.

  • Parents: This is just a stupid phase!
  • Parents: Your music is horrible!
  • Parents: self-harm is the most stupid thing in this world.
  • Parents: School is not stressing.
  • Parents: That's ridiculous,You're too young to be depressed.
  • Parents: Stop being so anti-social!
  • Parents: Adolescence is not bad.
  • Parents: What's wrong honey? you can tell us everything.
  • Me: Lol no thanks, i'm fine.

This is so important


This is so important


everything personal

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